September 10, 2023


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Eighty-Five Million Years Down the Drain

Eighty-Five Million Years
Down the Drain

If evolutionists are correct, and humans have been evolving for roughly eighty-five million years, then the Human Race has regressed several million years in just the past two decades. How did we progress from hunched-over, jungle-dwelling creatures with almost no understanding of our surroundings … to sentient, tool-making beings … to sophisticated inhabitants of a collaborative culture … only to throw it all away and regress into mindless zombies with our masked faces glued to miniature IQ diminishers?

Social Dilemma
Some years back, before the COVID fiasco, my wife and I went out to eat at a relatively nice local restaurant. As we entered the establishment, four young women in their thirties entered just ahead of us. Since it was dinner rush hour, the group of women, as well as my wife and I, had to wait several minutes to be seated. I could tell by their good-natured banter that the women were close friends. They spent the waiting time telling stories, laughing, and generally enjoying each other’s company.

After the hostess seated the women, she returned for us, and I was surprised to find we were seated at the table adjacent to them. Even more surprising, each one of those young women had pulled a smartphone out of their purse and buried their face in it. They were no longer laughing and talking.

Each woman was busy taking and sending photos of their drinks to some unknown audience in the ether (probably even to each other). At most, they would occasionally emit a grunt or snort, assumably to let their dinner partners know they were still alive. This went on for most of dinner. Have you ever watched anyone try to eat dinner without putting down their phone? (If you have teenage kids, disregard that stupid question.)

Crisis Compounded
Less than a year after witnessing that profound demonstration of social retardation, the COVID pandemic struck and our insane Uncle Sam wasted no time amplifying a public health crisis into a fiasco of biblical proportions. The masking and quarantine mandates — which medical researchers now believe provided negligible impact on the spread and severity of COVID — wreaked havoc, not just on our economy but on the education and psychological well-being of an entire generation of students.

Perhaps more important, the government was so insecure about their position, that they aggressively stifled any opposing viewpoints via manipulation of the very social media already responsible for our downward cultural spiral — censoring the comments of nay-sayers and branding them as anti-science propagandists.

Regardless of how you or I might feel about masks, quarantines, or vaccinations — the scientific method, developed over the past two thousand years, and abandoned during COVID, depends exclusively on the freedom to disagree and propose alternate perspectives.

The Bottom Line
We’ve somehow regressed to a culture that views healthy relationships as something maintained online without ever experiencing robust face-to-face interaction. That mentality has facilitated our slide into a herd mentality which views truth as a commodity, defined by “likes” rather than an absolute law of nature to be sought out and understood.

It’s no wonder that we shun direct personal relationships with other human beings when their difference in perspective might be interpreted as an affront to our entire world view. Is it then any greater wonder that we’re seeing a major uptick in lethal reactions at large group gatherings?

Who You Gonna Call?
Perhaps it’s time we used our smart phones for the purpose they were originally intended. Perhaps it’s time we picked up those phones and called other human beings, especially ones with whom we disagree, and arranged face-to-face conversations – maybe even lunch. Perhaps it’s time we began to get to know our employees, our clients, and even our grouchy neighbors.

Perhaps it’s time we began to be “quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger”.

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The root of all our personal and emotional difficulties is a lack of togetherness… the surest route to overcoming problems and becoming the people we were meant to be is reconnecting with God and with our community.

— Larry Crabb


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