December 26, 2021


by: glawson


Categories: Current Culture

Perspective Is Everything



Marketing is about changing people’s perspective. It involves, 1: understanding their current perspective, and 2: offering an alternate perspective they comprehend as being more valuable (“You drive a Chevy but did you know Ford offers….?” – “You eat meat but do you realize that vegetables provide….?”). The challenge arises from the fact that most human perspectives are not entirely rational; they emanate from subconscious, maybe even emotional, reactions to past experiences. Many, if not all of those experiences occurred when we had a younger, less analytic mindset. Then, they were reinforced by every ensuing experience that we perceived as confirmation of our personal ideology.

What the Hell does all this have to do with MasterMinds?
Like Perry Mason used to say, “Give me a minute your honor and I’ll get there'” 2021 will likely be the year we turn the corner on COVID. Many, if not most, business models will require employees to return at least part-time to an office or factory environment. Instead of working from home in their sweat pants with Wheel of Fortune playing in the background, they will be forced into close proximity with other individuals who don’t share their personal perspective. Robert Hall, in his book “This Land of Strangers” documented the vast loss of efficiency due to dysfunctional corporate culture. Nine months of working in our personalized spaces didn’t do anything to address the real issue behind office politics. Unquestionably, the most daunting task employers face is the challenge of convincing a diverse group of employees to set aside what Chris Lee calls their “Intrinsic Biases” and focus solely on the task at hand (i.e. function as a team wherein every unique individual trusts his/her fellow team members to reach the objective.) That’s a HUGE challenge since that multitude of myopic perspectives, reinforced by 20, 40, or even 60+ years of self talk, has made us irritable towards alternate views (don’t say you Chevy drivers and meat eaters didn’t bristle at my earlier example).

So, we six individuals have formed this “MasterMind” group with the intention of helping each other recognize and overcome hidden obstacles to our success. We’ve done a good job of dropping our guards and becoming honest with each other. How do we get to the point where we’re open to other group members challenging the very perspectives which have provided our emotional security and even our entire world view? In fact, before that even happens, how do we get to the point of admitting those personal perspectives might possibly be flawed? These are not meant as a rhetorical questions. They’re especially not meant to be accusatory. They’re simply a plea for honest, open discussion.

Sorry this got so long-winded. You’re reading the abridged version