July 24, 2022


by: glawson


Categories: Current Culture

Rebel Without A Clue


The title to James Dean’s 1955 movie, “Rebel Without a Cause,” has long been the de facto moniker for anyone acting out against the norms of society. Based on our current social-media-induced herding and knee-jerk offense taking, perhaps we should change that title to “Rebel Without a Clue.”

I contend that we could all benefit from a serious re-appraisal of “why” we believe what we believe. Are we rationalizing our own lifestyles by following a like-minded herd or are we honestly looking for something more?

So, where do we find the answers? You can’t trust me (I’m fighting my own demons) and you can’t believe yourself (nobody has ever lied to you as much as you’ve lied to yourself), so who the heck are you supposed to look to for answers?

The Question is the Answer
What if we deleted the phrase, “I’m offended” from our vocabulary, swallowed our insecurities, and began welcoming questions about our foundational beliefs – questions that forced us to think?

What if we studied history with an eye towards learning what worked, and what didn’t, and the “why” behind each of those outcomes?

What if we considered the existence of an infinitely wise Creator — not only as a moral anchor far beyond ourselves, but also as an actual entity capable of being known? Would we find that such a Creator actually exists or would we discover that life is, in fact, a cosmic crapshoot?

If there is no moral standard beyond our beliefs, can we really condemn the murderers, the rapists, the mass shooters and the Bernie Madoffs for their actions simply because they’re marching to a different drummer than we are?

Does all this impact how we approach our business and personal relationships (maybe even our relationships with ourselves)?

You know where the Reply button is. Let’s have a conversation over coffee or lunch.

“But to what shall I compare this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces, who call out to the other children, and say, ‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a song of mourning, and you did not mourn.’“ 

― Matthew 11:16


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The Hope Circuit

— Dr. Martin Seligman

If ever there were a guru of positive psychology, it would have to be Martin Seligman. This book is as much about how he became a leader in positive psychology as it is about what you and I can do to improve our attitudes. Typical of Seligman’s academic approach, this is NOT a Zig Ziglar feel-good book.


The Law of Happiness

— Dr. Henry Cloud

You already know this guy is my favorite business coach and mentor so you’ll. understand why I was excited to discover this book (albeit ten years old) about positive psychology and how it meshes with various Biblical principles regarding happiness. Check it out. It’s only 4 hours on Audible.